PET998DBB Remote E-Collar 🐶🐶
PET998DBB Remote E-Collar 🐶🐶
PET998DBB Remote E-Collar 🐶🐶
PET998DBB Remote E-Collar 🐶🐶

PET998DBB Remote E-Collar 🐶🐶

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PET998DBB Remote Dog Training Shock Collar 300m is one of the best training solutions for someone new to the realm of E-collar training systems. It allows the user to reinforce verbal commands for dog obedience.This particular unit has a variety of features that make it one of a kind, including a compact, waterproof collar receiver. Capable of four modes to accommodate the needs of any trainer, which include: shock stimulation, vibration, beep and light. Finding a stimulation level that gets your dog's attention is easy as we offer 100 levels of vibration and static shock to ensure our collar works for any dog, no matter the temperament. Most useful in a home or yard environment, as the remote is compact and these types of environments are most suitable for the range offered. This model also has a blue backlit display for ease of use in the dark.

Why choose us: 

✅ Reputable Australian Supplier
✅ 12 month repair/replacement warranty
✅ 100% submersible collar receiver
✅ 0-100 levels of static stimulation & vibration
✅ Control two dogs with one device (300m range)
✅ Rechargeable collar receiver & remote control
✅ Lightweight collar receiver for small to large dogs
✅ LCD display (with blue backlight for night use)
✅ LED torch for locating pets at night
✅ English instructions

Suited for:

✅ Barking
✅ Jumping
✅ Digging
✅ Pulling on lead
✅ Chewing furniture 
✅ Biting
✅ Chasing cars and people
✅ Domination or showing aggression 
✅ Running away



    Package Includes: 

    ✅ PET998DBB rechargeable remote control 
    ✅ PET998DBB rechargeable submersible collar
    ✅ Test bulb 
    ✅ Genuine AU wall charger 
    ✅ USB charger cable 
    ✅ Adjustable 75cm TPU collar 
    ✅ Small prods (short coat) 
    ✅ Large prods (thick coat) 
    ✅ English instructions  

    Legal Info: 

    Please check your local laws in your state prior to purchase from Petrainer HQ Australia.
    Petrainer HQ Australia takes no legal liability for use or misuse of our training products.